Simon Education

The Simon Education African-Caribbean Development Scheme (SEADS) provides learning resources and teacher-training to schools in Africa, the Caribbean and the UK. The project also creates employment opportunities for young graduates in Africa and the Caribbean whilst also establishing school libraries in these regions.



  • Oakhill Stem Academy

The Gambia

  • Kobisala School
  • The Royal Nursery School
  • ECD School 
  • Bara School
  • Gallaxy Nursery School


  • Adoma Academy
  • St Andrews School
  • Spelmore Academy


  • Grand Anse Academy
  • Beacons High

Sierra Leone

  • Future Leaders School
  • Minah Academy Mission


  • St Mary’s High School
  • Twin Lakes Kagando Community School
  • Kings Junior School
  • Kampala Senior School
  • Shepherds Grammar School
  • St Peters Schoo
  • Little Oaks Preschool

If you wish to donate educational resources to these schools and future schools that we will be working with then please order resources via our wish list below.

Donation link


If you would like to find out more about this scheme please click on the link below to register your interest in attending our Zoom presentations that take place each Saturday morning from 11am to 12.30pm.

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