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Black Book Festival 2020 Online

This great event will showcase African-Caribbean writers, publishers and illustrators whilst also promoting reading in the wider community.

To book your ticket, please click on one of the links below:

  • Promotional video

Black Book Festival 2020 Online: Exploring the World of Black Books


11.30am – 11.55am

Registrations and BBF video showcase

12pm –  12.10pm

Welcome and introductions

12.10pm  – 12.30pm

The Art of African-Caribbean storytelling with author Sandra Agard 

12.30pm – 1pm

Tell Your Story, Write Your Book with Winsome Duncan of Peaches Publications

1pm – 1.20pm

Spotlight on Black British writers: Pamela Haynes and Anton Marks (Science fiction)

1.20pm – 1.25pm (5 minute break)

Break and author showcase video

1.25pm – 1.55pm

On Publishing: Daniella Blechner  (Conscious Dreams) and Michael Williams (Bis Publications)

2pm – 2.10pm

Performance Poetry: Brenda Garrick of

Jacaranda Books

2.10pm – 2.40pm

In conversation with Derek Owusu

2.40pm – 3pm (20 minute break)

Break and Book video showcase

3pm – 3.30pm

Black Radicalism for the 21st Century with Professor Kehinde Andrews

3.30pm – 3.40pm

Toni Morrison tribute

3.40pm – 4.05pm

Looking for Talent with Nancy Adimora (Harper Collins)

4.05pm – 4.10pm (5 minute break)

Break (music)

4.10pm – 4.15pm

Performance poetry

4.15pm – 4.45pm

Black Books Matter with Robin Walker

4.45pm to 5.05pm

In conversation with Reni K. Amayo, author of Daughters of Nri

5.05pm – 5.15pm

How To Promote Your Book in America with Donna Gray-Banks and Vanesse  Lloyd-Sgambati

5.15pm – 5.30pm

Launch of SEADS Timebank & SE Online Courses with David Simon

5.30pm – 5.40pm

Short Film on Windrush

5.40pm – 5.55pm

Lifetime Achievement Award to Eric and (late) Jessica Huntley


Thank you and Black Book Parade



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