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Black History

This highly innovation online Black history course is based on the book How to Unlock Your Genius Using Black History by the award winning author and educationalist David Simon.

It is a course designed for those who want to take action to help develop their community. Students will also have to undertake eight hours of homework assignments using the Simon Education eLearning MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) which consists of video, podcasts, lecture notes and key links to Black development resources.

1. How to become a research activist                                    

2. How to defeat the spell of family destruction

3. How to use African art as cultural therapy

4. How to use classical African cosmology

5. How to become a superhero

6. How to become a revolutionary

7. How to build Black social organisations

8. How to be the solution

Black History Student Workbook (Adult)

Course Homework

Module 1 Homework: On the Life of Dr John Henrik Clarke

Module 2 Homework: On Ancient Africa


Module 3 Homework: On African Art


Module 4 Homework: On Ancient Africa

Module 5 Homework: On Early Christianity

Module 6 Homework: On Reparations
  1. Xala
Module 8 Homework: On Development

Course content:

Duration:      8 weeks

Delivery:        via Zoom 

Fee:                Free first module only. Module 2 to 8 require donations.

Time/date:      3pm on Saturdays

Duration:        Two hours  per week (plus eight hours of homework)            

Start date:       Saturday 17th April  2021

Enrolment:        Click here

Course Video: How to Unlock Your Genius Using Black History

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