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David Simon is an author and educationalist. He is the author of the Genius series that includes the best-selling books How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius and How to Unlock Your Genius Using Black History.
He co-founded Simon Education in 1987 which has gone on to support over 6000 African-Caribbean families in the UK. He has won numerous awards as an educationalist and a novelist/poet, including the Peterloo Poetry Award. He is also the founder of  Black Book Festival, an annual event to promote Black writers globally. David’s other publications includes: Secrets of the Sapodilla (1986), the play Mountaintop (1987) which was nominated for the London Fringe Awards, the novels Garvey’s Last Soldier (1999) and Pastor Pastor (2019).
The company currently runs a publishing house, an online school and provides teacher-training to schools in Africa and the Caribbean.

Leonora Simon-Bleasdille has worked as a scientist for over 35 years and taught students at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.  She co-founded Ebony Supplementary Saturday School, now Simon Education, where I taught English, mathematics, science, and Black history for over 35 years.

Nneb Akpom-Simon has worked in supplementary education for 30 years; tutoring and coaching children, young people and parents. She is also an equalities specialist and has worked in Higher education for over three decades.

Simon Education (Ebony Education Community Interest Company) is a registered company.
Overseas Projects
The Simon Education African-Caribbean Development Scheme (SEADS) delivers teacher-training to teachers in Africa and the Caribbean, and also supports schools in these regions with basic educational and health resources. The SEADS programme is currently supporting schools and teachers in the following countries:


  • Oakhill Stem Academy



  • Adoma Academy
  • St Andrews School
  • Spelmore Academy



  • Grand Anse Academy
  • Beacons High


Sierra Leone

  • Future Leaders School
  • Minah Academy Mission



  • St Mary’s High School
  • Twin Lakes Kagando Community School
  • Kings Junior School
  • Kampala Senior School
  • Shepherds Grammar School
  • St Peters Schoo
  • Little Oaks Preschool


If you wish to donate educational resources to these schools and future schools that we will be working with then please order resources via our wish list below.

Donation link

Upcoming Events:

  • African Remembrance Day 1st August 2021 7pm to 8.30pm
  • How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius 4th September 5.30pm to 7pm
  • How to Homeschool Your Child and Unlock Their Genius 11th September 2021
  • Online Black Book Festival 2021 25th March 2021 2pm to 7pm
  • Online Black History Course for Adults (8 weeks) 2nd October 2021 3pm to 5pm
  • Online Black History Course for Children and Families 2nd October 2021 6pm
  • Kwanzaa Online Family Fest 2021 26th December 2021 3pm to 5pm
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