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The Genius series is a selection of books for parents, children and young people, and written by the award-winning writer and educationalist David Simon.

The series consist of empowerment books, workbooks for pupils (English, Mathematics, Science and Black history – years 5 to 16) and cultural novels and plays for adults.

Online School

The Simon Education online school consists of interactive virtual classrooms that students find both stimulating and engaging.

Black History Courses

This unique online Black History course is for people who want to engage in research and then take action to develop their community. This amazing course is also supported by an e-Learning resource that consists of video, podcasts, pdfs, lecture notes and historical images for students to complete their homework assignments.

Unlock Your Genius 3

How to Unlock Your Genius Using Black History is a unique book that uses fiction and non-fiction to tell the great story of Black people since the creation of the earth 4.6 billion years ago. The story centers around Percy, a troubled black politician who falls from power but then receives therapy from a fake Nigerian therapist known as “Dr. Eze”. This “therapist” uses borrowed Black history notes to devise his elaborate cultural therapy sessions to help poor Percy back to his senses. It is this therapy that takes the reader through the Black African timeline; exploring African cosmology, art, education, business, love and strategies of liberation.

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